About VAF

Founded in early 2010 by Ashley Bulgarelli, VAF was formed to assist those people in the community who needed help and has subsequently grown to incorporate outlying areas. As a non-government organization, VAF does not receive any funding from the government, has no external backing or religious affiliations and runs entirely on donations and volunteers program fees.

"I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness"  - Dalai Lama


About me, what can I say? I'm a man with a dream - a vision for a brighter future. I'm just a guy doing what I can. I arrived in Ghana in 2009 as a volunteer and since parting ways with that organization have found that I cannot leave these beautiful people behind. VAF is a result of the love and affection shown to me by the wonderful friends I have made, the children I have nurtured, and the families that have taken me as their own. I have travelled extensively around Ghana and through parts of Togo and Burkina Faso and I have fallen in love with this part of the world.

Ashley Bulgarelli - Founder & Executive Director

VAF Staff

Alex Bansaga - Program Coordinator
"I've never found out the reason why Alex is always smiling, but it's this infectious smile and easy manner that reflects Alex's nature. Alex has experience working in the developmental aid field and his experience makes him a vital member of Volta Aid Foundation and an even greater friend. When you meet Alex you will know that you've made a honest friend. Alex has completed his studies at the Polytechnic in Ho."

- Ashley Bulgarelli (Founder & Director)
"Eric is a young guy who is passionate about implementing change and assisting those people in his community. Graduating with a bachelor in accountancy, Eric's degree, just like mine, is gathering dust on the wall while he strives to put his time and energy where it is most needed."

- Ashley Bulgarelli (Founder & Director)

Eric Botey - Volunteer Coordinator

Board of Directors

Volta Aid Foundations' Board consists of four Directors - Ashley Bulgarelli, Seth Anyadi, Dela Amedume and Gifty Akorli - whom oversee the general operations of the organisation. Gifty hails from a small village in the Volta Region and is the founder of a community based organisation working with rural communities. As a well respected community member, Seth has now hung up his builders hat and now focues his time on his farm and VAF. Originally from Accra, Delali has been in the Volta Region since graduating from Accra Polytechnic and currently owns a fashion shop in Ho.

From L-R - Ashley Bulgarelli, Gifty Akorli, Seth Anyadi, Delali Amedume