Building a better future

Construction of the Multipurpose Workshop Resumes

In April construction on the multipurpose workshop restarted. After being stalled for over one year, a worldwide fundraising effort took place which raised almost $15,000 USD. This amount will allow Volta Aid Foundation to complete the electrical wiring, plumbing, concreting, roof lining fitting and installation of doors and windows. This will finally allow the workshop to be operational and our community projects to resume. The building will deliver three core functional services:

  1. Our community library that had previously been operating at our Glalah St rented premise will be reopened. This library was open throughout the day and provided a safe and quiet learning space for children disengaged from the school system as well as after-school access for those school-going children. In any given week the library would be accessed by up to 100 girls and boys of all educational levels seeking reading books, learning materials and educational games.
  2. The other key service available out of this building will be a start-up zone for women who are seeking to open their own tailoring business but do not have the capital required to purchase all necessary equipment. Volta Aid Foundation will make available a workshop equipped with sewing machines and other equipment for up to six women who can work for a limited period while they save funds to open their own business. The ability for a woman to earn an income is critical for developing healthy families, especially given the high rate of single parent families.
  3. The third key use of this building will be the office for Volta Aid Foundation. This will enable us to operate our projects from one central location and will lower our overheads.

We are very grateful to everyone who donated to make this project a reality. The workshop will be the beating heart of Volta Aid Foundation and our projects which seek to transform the lives of individuals, families and communities.