Free Senior High School Announced

Free education, but at what cost?

In September, the Ghanaian government announced that senior high school will now be free, adding SHS to the already free primary school and junior high school systems. This move is applaudable as the government attempts to increase enrolment rates and halt the alarming trend of students not transitioning from junior high school to senior high school.

Yet Ghana needs to learn lessons from other countries who have implemented such a system. With a sudden influx of enrolments, school infrastructure needs to be upgraded to handle the increasing student numbers; more teachers need to be trained as class sizes grow; and there needs to be a job market for these youths to transition into.

While we are hopeful that this change will be extremely positive for the next generation of leaders, poverty will still force some children to forgo education in order to earn money and sustain their families. Education and poverty are two discourses that are inextricably linked.