New education scholarships granted for two youth in need

Volta Aid Foundation has granted scholarships to two deserving young people so that they can continue their education without financial constraints compromising their future. Children are often required to work from a young age in order to support their family and the consequence of this is that they become disengaged with the education system. This can have devastating impacts as they fall further and further behind and struggle to reengage.

At Volta Aid Foundation, we believe in the power of education. The two young people you are about to meet have a desire to be in school and have gone through many personal challenges to get where they are today. There are many more stories like this across Ghana and we would like to thank everyone in Australia who has helped make these sponsorships a reality. To ensure Yawa and Simon can continue their education in future years, please considering donating to our scholarship fund.

Yawa* is 14 years old and is from a small village in the Volta Region. When her mother died last year a family member took her to Accra under the pretence of continuing her education. Instead, Yawa was denied the chance to attend school and was kept in the house working as a house girl. Yawa ran away and returned to the Volta Region where she found someone to live with. Yawa came to the attention of Volta Aid Foundation so we have enrolled her into her last year of primary school, Class 6. Despite being several years behind in her education, Yawa is grateful to return to school so that she can one day achieve her dream of becoming a Doctor.

Simon* is 20 years old and from a small village in the Adaklu area. He graduated from Senior High School in 2016 and a year later was accepted into Nurses Training College. His parents could not afford his tuition fees so he worked hard on some odd jobs, borrowed from some friends, and eventually got together 70% of the course fee. Two months into his tertiary education he was told to raise the remaining funds or else he will be forcibly withdrawn from the course. After all his hard work we couldn’t allow this to happen so Volta Aid Foundation settled the balance with the College and Simon is able to continue studying with a great weight off his chest. Simon is grateful for everyone who made this happen and looks forward to graduating in 2020.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons