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With 24% of Ghanaians living below the poverty line, education is often one of the first expenses sacrificed as a struggling family tries to make ends meet.


Education has the power to change lives. With 24% of Ghanaians living below the poverty line, education is often one of the first expenses sacrificed as a struggling family tries to make ends meet. Young children are regularly seen across Ghana working in the markets and selling food items on the street during school hours. Without the opportunity to attend school, these children will continue to disengage further from the educational system and are condemned to living day-to-day.

Education not only equips children with essential knowledge and broadens their future, it also keeps them safe and reduces the incidence of child exploitation. Keeping girls in education has internationally recognized outcomes including actively reducing teen pregnancy and teen marriages, builds healthier families, promotes gender equality and develops stronger communities.  

Volta Aid Foundation offers educational sponsorships for those most in need. We have supported students across all levels of education and often combine the scholarship with family support which aims to strengthen the families ability to support their ongoing needs into the future. Our past scholarships have helped keep children in school and has led to acceptance into higher education courses and, ultimately, employment.


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Meet Priscilla:

Priscilla is now 24 years old and a qualified community health nurse. She lives with her Grandparents and her niece and nephew in a small compound in the heart of Ho. At the age of 16 Priscilla graduated from junior high school with top grades and was offered entrance into several top-tier senior high schools in Accra and Ho. Her family was unable to raise enough funds for her school fees which resulted in her offers being withdrawn. For the next 12 months Priscilla idled at home and worked to support her Grandparents.


With the support of Volta Aid Foundation, Priscilla was enrolled in Mawuko Girls Senior High School and had all her educational expenses provided by VAF. Three years later, at the age of 20, Priscilla graduated with excellent results. Despite never thinking that she would finish school, her dreams did not end there. She wanted to become a nurse. Over a year later she received the news she was waiting for – an entrance letter to Nurses Training College in Winneba. Knowing that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Priscilla, VAF once again offered her a scholarship so she could pursue her dreams.

In February 2017 Priscilla graduated as a qualified community health nurse. Priscilla has been busy gaining crucial work experience assisting Volta Aid Foundation with our diabetes outreaches, and our friends at Aya Worldwide in their community planning sessions. Priscilla is currently awaiting her government placement which could see her placed in any rural community across the country.

Education has the power to change lives.