Welcome to our news page! This is where you can find recent news and activities and is where we list the community projects that VAF has undertaken thanks to contributions from individuals and volunteers. Your continued support of VAF will ensure future projects can be developed so stay tuned for more to come.

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde
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Diabetes Outreach
(August 2012)

Our signature diabetes days have been well received in Ho and our second outreach of the month took us over the hill and into the small community of Klefe. This was the first time most of these people had heard the word diabetes and a big thank you has to go out to all our volunteers who endured a tiring day making sure that every single person left with something more than they came with.

Diabetes Outreach
(August 2012)

Our diabetes outreaches continued this time in the Ho-Dome area where we provided free diabetes and blood pressure testing, free counselling and free follow up clinic visits for several hundred people. The day helped raise awareness of the common yet relatively unknown condition and helped newly diagnosed diabetics better manager their condition.

Sex Education
(July 2012)

A busy July took VAF and our volunteers to the village of Klikor-Agbozume to host a sex education day at the local senior high school where volunteers breeched topics such as HIV and the use of condoms and other contraceptives. The day was a success with students interacting well with volunteers and plenty of questions asked!

Orphanage Donations
(July 2012)

Towards the end of July VAF made a food donation to our partners - Remar Orphanage in Ho - which included hundreds of cedi's worth of rice, oil and canned foods. The day ended with a soccer match which saw our volunteers run to the ground with the energy of the kids.

Abutia Agotive Outreach
(May 2012)

Corresponding with World Malaria Day, VAF travelled out to the hard-to-reach village of Abutia Agotive to provide the community with three essential services.

1) Provided information about the dangers of mosquitos transmitting malaria and donated over 100 mosquito nets to families most in need

2) Volunteers staffed a first aid station where they treated and cleaned potentially infectious wounds

3) Gave information relating to the importance of dental health, distributed toothbrushes and toothpaste and gave school children their first experience using mouthwash!

The villagers of Abutia Agotive were interested and excited to have this opportunity and we would like to thank our volunteers who helped us run these amazing programs.

Land Acquisition
(April 2012)

VAF has finally purchased our own piece of land! Our current office is on a rented premises so the first development will be the construction of a brand new office and activites/library centre. This will also allow us to expand our operations unconditionally and give room for further projects to be built on this land. More information to come.

Improving Road Safety
(November 2011)

In August Volta Aid Foundation presented a petition to the local authorities, co-signed by the headmaster and headmistress of St. George's Anglican School, requesting the construction of speed bumps along Glalah Street due to reckless, high speed driving along the road which endangered the lives of everyone, least of all the children that crossed the road every day. We recently received news that construction will begin - which it has - and we are ecstatic that for a change something is being done before tragedy strikes.

Diabetes Outreach
(July 2011)

On the 30th of July Volta Aid Foundation and volunteers once again held a diabetes outreach, this in the Ho-Heve area. Our service included free diabetes testing, free blood pressure testing, free counselling and free follow up ward visits to almost 200 people. A big thank you to everyone who made this day a success.

Library & Activity Centre Open
(June 2011)

VAF has now opened a small activity centre and library for children, youths and adults. In our collection we have reading and picture books, activity and colouring books as well as puzzles and educational games. This small yet simple offering gives children a fun and stimulating way to spend their free time and the reception has been outstanding. If anyone has additions they would like to make to the library please contact us as we need all that we can get our hands on.

Diabetes Outreach
(June 2011)

On the 25th of June Volta Aid Foundation and volunteers held a diabetes outreach in the Ho-Ahoe area. Our service included free diabetes testing, free blood pressure testing, free counselling and free follow up ward visits to almost 300 people. The day was a success in terms of creating awareness of this relatively unknown condition yet how can you call it a success when you find around 15% of the tested population with suspicious blood-glucose levels?

Children's Friend Orphanage Goes to the Beach!
(May 2011)

Continuing the VAF tradition of beach trips volunteers Lisa and Vanessa have done it again with the kids of Children's Friend Orphanage in Adaklu-Goefe. It rained - it POURED - our tro tro got bogged, we were soaking wet before we even got to the beach but it was well worth it. All the kids had a great time swimming and seeing the ocean for the first time - especially six year old Fafali who was the first in and the last out and, despite shivering from the cold, could not wipe the smile from her face.

Westside FC Ghana
(May 2011)

A big thank you once again to everyone at Westside Sports Club who have continued their tremendous support by donating another set of playing jerseys and eleven pairs of shinpads to a local football team.

St. George's Anglican School Starts Construction
(March 2011)

Courtesy of VAF volunteer David Cameron, St. George's Anglican School has now started construction of a new building. The building will house a staff room, and ICT room and bathroom facilities. Under current conditions the teachers sit under the trees, there is no ICT room and the bathroom consists of a small concrete 'urinal' where there are no toilets for boys or girls. These new changes are greatly needed and all the teachers and students could not be happier.

Rose Enrolls in School!
(November 2010)

Rose Addae, aged 19, is now no longer missing out on her final schooling years. Thanks to a number of people Rose has started Form 1 at Awusco Senior High School and will graduate in 2013 with her senior education certificate - something that looked almost impossible earlier this year. To contribute to Rose and Priscilla's (see below) ongoing expenses please contact VAF.

Priscilla Enrolls in School
(September 2010)

Priscilla Agbenyadzi is finally attending school. After offering pleas for help for this talented young girl, Stuartholme School in Brisbane, Australia responded with enthusiasm. Led by two seniors: Katrice Bulgarelli & Kristy Cope, a chocolate fundraising effort was started and, after selling more than 300 chocolates, enough money was raised for registration and one years tuition including textbooks and uniform. We cannot thank everyone involved enough for making this dream become a reality. Some words from Priscilla:

"I am very grateful for your assistance and I very much appreciate your every efforts. I pray that you live long enough to see the outcome of me being in school. God bless you." -Priscilla

CPR Classes for Nurses
(July 2010)

VAF Volunteers Natascha Baumann, Mary Costigan and Louise Timbers, alongside Ash and Alex, successfully educated the nurses at the Ho Municipal Hospital in basic CPR techniques. Approximately 50 nurses attended the free workshops which were designed to teach them basic life saving skills which, for some reason or another, these nurses were never formally trained in. The nurses completed the training equipped with knowledge that will help them save lives inside and outside of the hospital walls. Following the success of the original classes there will be a review program towards the end of August conducted by Magdalena Philipp and Ash.

Meet the 'Black Stars':

This football team plays on dirt, rocks and small patches of clumpy, foot-long grass. After contacting a club in Brisbane, Australia - Westside Sports Club - they kindly donated jerseys, brand new shorts and hats, as well as three pairs of goalkeeping gloves. The boys now compete under the Westside colours and we are ever grateful to Westside Sports Club and their support of football development in Africa.

Meet Sena:

Sena, his wife Beatrice, and 9-year old son Senyo live in the heart of Ho, yet, unlike their neighbours, have lived the past 6 months without electricity. Unable to raise enough money, VAF approached Sena and offered help. After using local contractors, two poles were installed allowing a wire to be connected to the source and brought to Sena's house. Sena and the family are now living happily with electricity and are one of VAF's valued host families.

Meet Pastor Emmanuel:

Pastor had never used a computer before and when he was informed that he was enrolled in a computer course courtesy of VAF he could not hide his joy. In 6 weeks, and over 65 hours of training, Pastor went from not knowing how to use a mouse, to being fully computer literate in word, excel, powerpoint and the internet. He is now the proud owner of an email address.

Meet Priscilla:

After completing Junior High School, Priscilla, aged 16, graduated with top marks and was offered places in top tier school in Accra and Ho. After accepting and attending a school in Ho, Priscilla was told that the school will not be offering the subjects she applied for and would have to abandon her dreams and choose new subjects to remain at the school. Knowing the importance of dreams, VAF spoke with Priscilla's father and presented him with the money required for admittance into another top school, money which he was unable to raise after paying entry into the other school. Priscilla is now a proud attendee of Mawuko Girls Senior High School, Ho, and remains good friends of everyone at VAF.