Volunteer Profiles

With growing numbers of volunteers paying thousands of dollars for a one month volunteer placement, the critics of what is dubbed "voluntourism" are growing. Whilst VAF is trying to move away from this model - which in it's purest form (minus the thousands of dollars) has enabled us to become a powerful influence in the Volta Region - we would like to highlight the positive change a volunteer experience can make on that person's life.

Each week we will be featuring an ex-VAF volunteer who is now making a positive change in the world and whose VAF experience set them up for bigger things. Keep an eye out each week for updated profiles and click on the name to read more.

Ashley Bulgarelli
Founder of VAF, Ashley Bulgarelli, recollects how he came to establish the organisation and the true power of volunteering. Click here to read more.

Heather Lonergan
Dental hygienist Heather Lonergan, could never have imagined the realisations she would discover upon arriving in Ghana and the new path her life is now taking. Read more here.

Lindsay Denny
Lindsay volunteered with VAF in the diabetes ward in 2010 - a couple of years later she was the in-country director of a Cambodian non-profit organisation supporting the development of children. Pretty impressive right? More here.

Richard Brandt
Accra local, Richard Brandt, was studying at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology when his team decided to help a non-profit organisation in their own backyard. What followed was an experience not to be forgotten.....read on here.

Jackie Kobelt
For Jackie, her volunteer experience did not end once she left Ghana. She regularly fundraises crucial money for VAF's projects and is committed to bringing change to those she meets. More on Jackie's story here.