Program Fees

Program Fees

The first question that is always asked is why you need to pay to volunteer? As a non-government organisation, Volta Aid Foundation does not receive any financial or other support from the government and operates entirely on the generosity of our volunteers and donors. When you volunteer with Volta Aid Foundation you are supporting a local family, the local economy and contributing to our life-changing programs. All volunteers stay with a host family and are provided with three home-cooked meals a day as well as safe drinking water. The remainder of your program fee goes to our projects fund which allows us to undertake outreach programs throughout the year such as mosquito net distribution, diabetes and health outreaches, education support and other social welfare projects. If you are lucky enough to be present in Ghana during these projects you will be able to see firsthand the impact of your program fee.

Volta Aid Foundations offers low-cost options for volunteers. You will not pay thousands of dollars for a few weeks of volunteering like you may with other organisations. Our fees are tailored so that they are affordable yet have maximum social reach. As well as accommodation and food and drink, airport pickup and transfer is included. Please note if you arrive after 4pm there is a $70USD overnight fee which includes accommodation in Accra with a staff member, dinner, breakfast and all additional transfers.

We know that trust plays a big role in choosing which organisation to volunteer with and as a result we do not require any deposit or bond to be paid before leaving for Ghana. Payment can simply be made upon arrival.



Less than 1 month


Get in touch to organise

1 month

$ 500 USD

2 months

$850 USD

3 months

$1200 USD

4 months

$1550 USD

5 months

$1900 USD

6 months

$2250 USD

More than 6 months