Volunteer Programs

As a foreigner in another country the actual volunteering is only part of the stay. As a volunteer you will be submersing yourself in another culture, learning the ways of life from your co-workers, getting to know the local children, and integrating yourself within your host family.

All programs are flexible and there are no specific start and finish dates so volunteers are able to arrive whenever is best suited. For program costs please scroll to the bottom of the page.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


This program allows volunteers to teach various subjects - including maths, English and computer studies - at local schools. Volunteers will have the opportunity to teach a class, teach a subject and/or assist in auxiliary positions within the school. Not only are volunteers injecting knowledge, they are also influencing the ways in which these impressionable children behave, interact and you will help broaden their horizons.

Volunteer requirements: A big smile, warm heart and a good grasp of English.
Location: Ho, Adaklu-Waya & Adaklu-Tsrefe

Computer Literacy Teacher

VAF has helped set up a computer lab in the Junior High School in Adaklu-Ahunda, about 45 minutes drive from Ho. This school has about 75 students whilst the nearby Primary School who also has access to the lab has 200 students. Volunteers are required to teach in this rural community as there are no local community members who have sufficient computing knowledge to do so. There is also an opportunity to teach some basic computer skills in Ho, so please contact us for more details.

Volunteer requirements: Basic computer skills and a good grasp of English.
Location: Ho, Adaklu-Ahunda

Village Preschool Teaching

Infrastructure and teachers are generally lacking in villages accros the Volta Region which is why we are in need of volunteers to teach at village preschools. Whilst the children are still developing their understanding of spoken English it is a great opportunity to provide them with a new learning opportunity and brings the world one step closer to their village.

Volunteer requirements: Commitment, patience and confidence.
Location: Adaklu-Tsrefe, Kpetoe, Hodzo

Orphanage Caring

Children in Africa can find themselves orphaned due to health/physical conditions, family deaths or simply because they are not wanted. These children, disadvantaged from the start, need the love and care of volunteers who will help tutor the students, read to them, cook, clean, and most importantly, open their hearts and nurture them through the most important years of their lives. Volunteers will be living at the orphanage.

Volunteer requirements: Patience and love.
Location: Ho, Adaklu-Goefe, Klikor-Agbozume


Courtesy of Jeff Morrison we have a solid microfinance plan in place. Although it is not enough for a fulltime program if you feel you can help us in this department then please contact VAF and we can combine this program with another. Depending on the loan life cycle your work may involve anything from assessing potential beneficiaries to providing business training and support to selected beneficiaries. This program does change lives and we want you to be a part of it.

Volunteer requirements: Appropriate business studies.
Location: Ho & surrounding areas

Medical Help

African hospitals are, to the Western eye, a myriad of people in waiting rooms, concrete cellars and a pay-before-you-get-help scheme. These hospitals and clinics service entire regions and people can travel hours to seek medical help. Being a volunteer at one of these hospitals or clinics you will see first hand how these committed staff members go about their crucial work. You will have the opportunity to go on rounds and assist doctors, observe a variety of procedures and operations and move around the hospital under the supervision of ward nurses.
Volunteer requirements: Studying or studied medicine or another related field.
Location: Ho

First Aid Workshops

Volunteers are required to teach small groups of youths and adults the basics in first aid through hands-on, interactive workshops. Volunteers will have a pre-written teaching guide, resuscitation mannequins to practice CPR and mouth-to-mouth, and a whiteboard for instructional use. Workshops are one-of-a-kind in the Volta Region and allows people of all backgrounds and demographics to learn under the one roof. Come and leave your footprint and possibly help save a life.

Volunteer requirements: A knowledge of basic first aid and good spoken English.
Location: Ho

Diabetes Ward Placement

Diabetes is a health issue that is under-addressed in the public health sector. In the public hospital in Ho there are only two dedicated nurses in the ward who can deal with 60 plus patients every morning. They need your help. Being a volunteer in the diabetes ward you will be counselling patients on how to live with diabetes, including what to eat, drink and how to live a healthy lifestyle, and you will hold educational sessions and presentations where questions can be answered. In this position you will also test the patients' morning fasting blood glucose levels and input various information into the computer system. Most importantly you will provide informative counselling for newly diagnosed patients who are clueless to diabetes and don't understand why it is important to follow all advice given.

Volunteer requirements: A knowledge of diabetes and good spoken English.
Location: Ho

Custom Programs

Are you a painter? A builder? An artist? A carpenter? A sportsperson? Would you like to build, replace, install? Do you have an in-depth knowledge of other health issues? If you feel you have the skills to enhance the Volta Region then please contact VAF and we can organise a custom program suited to your specialty.

Program Fees

At VAF we do not believe in volunteers paying exorbitant fees and 'administrative costs' when all you want to do is come and make a difference. VAF is a real, practical organization and we know exactly what volunteers need and want.

All program fees are inclusive of accommodation with a local Ghanaian family, food - three meals a day supplied by the host family including drinking water, airport pickup and transfer and a contribution to VAF and your program. As a sign of trust no deposit is required.

The specifics listed in the program fee are all flexible and can be altered to suit your needs and preferences. Special food diets are not problematic; all you need to do is contact us.

Please note. If you arrive after 4pm there is a $70 USD overnight fee. This includes one night in a hotel in Accra upon arrival (with a member of staff), dinner, breakfast and all extra transfers back to your program location.

All prices are quoted in US Dollars.
Less than 1 month: Negotiable,
please contact VAF.
1 Month: $500
2 Months: $850
3 Months: $1200
4 Months: $1550
5 Months: $1900
6 Months: $2250
More than 6 months: Negotiable,
please contact VAF.