Scholarship holder researches dyslexia to complete Diploma

We are SUPER PROUD of Rose who has submitted her final paper to complete her Diploma of Basic Education. The research is about adopting strategies to help pupils overcome dyslexia as Rose has a strong interest in working with children with special needs.

Nine years ago, when Rose was a minor, she was not enrolled in Senior High School and was working day and night in this kitchen providing food and care for over 30 children in this children’s home. The owners refused to send her to school as they manipulated her for free labour. Her future was bleak until VAF intervened and offered her accommodation and paid her education fees, which saw her graduate from high school in her early 20’s with excellent grades.

Rose never gave up her dream to study further and become a teacher, even after not being accepted into college in the first two years after she left school. When we finally heard the amazing news that she had been accepted into Teachers Training College we extended our support to ensure that Rose could chase her dream. Now she is within touching distance of stable and respectable employment and will be able to support herself into the future.

Rose’s story is remarkable but not extraordinary. There are thousands of children in the Volta Region who are facing similar obstacles in completing their education. Without an education they are destined to be left behind and fall through the cracks. Please consider donating to our Scholarship Fund and give children and young people like Rose hope for their future. Scroll down to donate button. If you are in Australia, visit the ‘Australia’ tab for more information on donations.