Volta Laundry social enterprise is launched

Volta Aid Foundation is proud to announce that we are launching our very own social enterprise – Volta Laundry. All profits from this business will be reinvested into our operations and help us expand our social activities and outreaches.


When we began in 2010, we were 100% reliant on volunteer fees and their fundraising to sustain our work. These busy first years laid the groundwork for our success. However, as we began moving away from relying on volunteers we needed to diversify our income and solidify our presence in Ho. That was when we began actively fundraising and, over a period of six years, built the multi-purpose workshop. Now, with the help of generous fundraising in Australia, Switzerland and other corners of the globe, our long-held dream of self-sustainability is inching closer.


The laundry seeks to tap into the burgeoning university population and the growing middle-class in Ho. It will provide a range of services that include laundering, steam-cleaning and ironing. With only two other laundries in town, we are seeking to provide a new set of services that are increasingly in demand.


Our vision for the building remains the same: a community hub for men, women and children. Our plans for a sewing centre are continuing with funding secured for two sewing machines. This program will see unemployed women using the machines while they save money to open their own business. More plans are afoot, and we can’t wait to unveil them later in the year.


We would like to thank everyone that has helped this building and the laundry become a reality. If you ever return to Ho, think how nice it will be not to have to handwash your clothes!