Skills Training Program

Our social enterprise laundry business will offset the costs of a sewing skills training program for women

Volta Aid Foundation is located in the heart of Ho in a purpose made building. This building is currently home to our social enterprise laundry business which is in its infancy but which will provide a vital income stream to fund our social projects, including the planned sewing skills training programs. However, the laundry itself is a social enterprise that has provided the employees with new skills that they can use for Volta Aid Foundation and into the future.


The sewing skills training program is still in the planning phase but the goal is to provide a sewing skills training centre where women can learn seam-stressing skills and ultimately obtain support to open their own business. Equipping women with income-generating skills is critical for developing healthy families, especially given the high rate of single parent families. Sewing is a great option for many young women who cannot pursue, or do not want to pursue, senior secondary school or formal tertiary studies as it gives them a tangible skill they can turn into a career.