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Volta Aid Foundation offers volunteer placements in towns and small communities across the Volta Region. There are no specific start and finish dates for placements and all volunteers live with a local host family.services for the local community.

Medical Programs


Volta Aid Foundation works in partnership with several hospitals and smaller clinics in Ho. Our medical program is suited for students who are studying medicine, nursing or other related fields, who wish to gain experience in a practical setting.services for the local community.

It is possible for Volta Aid Foundation to validate your work in the hospital in order for you to obtain university/college accredited work experience. Please make this known in your application.services for the local community.


Volta Aid Foundation regularly runs medical outreach programs throughout the Volta Region. Volunteers may have the opportunity to participate in these outreaches if some are scheduled over the volunteer period. The main program is the diabetes and hypertension outreaches which we pioneered and work in conjunction with medical professionals in Ho (click here for more info). Other outreaches include oral hygiene and first aid workshops.services for the local community.


Volta Aid Foundation has the ability to host visiting medical groups (either students or qualified practitioners) who can combine work in a hospital/clinic with a structured outreach program. This enables groups to undertake an intensive short-term program over the holidays.services for the local community.


Our educational partnerships extend to schools of all grades, from kindergartens right through to senior high schools. The teaching program offers placements in selected schools based on your experience and subject/s of interest. Teaching volunteers do not replace teachers but work in schools where teachers are lacking or a support role is needed. Such support roles include individual and group tutoring and reading that provides a platform for students to excel in their studies.services for the local community.

Volta Aid Foundation has established two computer labs in the communities of Adaklu-Ahunda and Sokode and there is a specific need for computer teachers to undertake a range of roles, including, teaching of students, upskilling of staff and computer maintenance. Computer skills are essential for children and young people to further their education and opens the door for a wider range of employment opportunities.services for the local community. 


Are you a painter? A builder? An artist? A sportsperson? Do you have business development skills? Microfinance knowledge? Would you like to build, replace, install? Can you help us grow our organisation? If you feel you have the skills to enhance the Volta Region and Volta Aid Foundation then contact us now to arrange a custom program suited to your skills and experience.